Product Tips

Our beautiful guest fingerprint and signature drawings are a fantastic and entertaining artistic piece of artwork. Captures the memory of your guests at your special event. Display it on your wall at home for a cherished and memorable keepsake. Guests complete the guestbook print by using their fingerprint or signatures to make their mark at your event. Here are a few suggestions to help your guestbook print turn out as beautiful as possible.

1. Try to have someone in charge of your fingerprint guestbook!

Our guestbook prints are a great way to capture your guests memory of your event. The ink dries quickly, but provide wipes for your guests. Your guests will feel artistically inspired.will get as many guests as possible to make their mark. Your guestbook attendant should encourage guests to sign of fingerprint so that you will have as many guests participate.

2. Please provide wipes for guests.

At your event, provide a box of wipes so guests can wipe off the ink if using ink pads.

3. Suitable for framing

All our sizes are standard frame sizes which makes finding the perfect frame easy. You’ll have a memento from your special event that will be a beautiful addition to any home.